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Welcome to Draft Horse Classified (DHC).  Providing a World Wide Marketplace for Draft Horses.  Draft Horse Classified specializes in Advertising your Draft Horses, Driving Horses, Draft Crosses, Carts, Wagons, Harness, Draft Horse Saddles, Draft Horse Tack, and other related Items FREE OF CHARGE (pictures welcome) Click to submit your Free Ad.  Currently we receive over 1,500,000 hits monthly. As you continue to purchase your Draft Horse Saddles and Tack from DHC, we'll keep this classified free of charge for all!  We are excited about the success of this site and look forward to hearing from all our Drafty Fans.   We appreciate the kind words we've received and will try to live up to them.  Let us know if we can add or change anything to better suit your needs.  We'll try our best.  Make sure to add your Personal Website address and/or farm info to our "Friends & Farms" area.  Draft Horses for Sale.  Draft Horse Classifieds has also partnered with Draft Horse Rescue organizations to help rescue PMU Draft Foals & Mares.  Maybe you can help.  Make sure to read "Sam's Story" if you haven't, you'll enjoy it.
Western Draft Saddles - American made in the best tradition of the old West

Treeless Western Draft Saddles  Do yourself and your horse a favor and get ready for the most comfortable ride of your life... 



Visit the English Saddlery  you'll find all your English saddle needs here, from all purpose riding saddles to Dressage. 

Take a hard look and a soft ride at our Treeless Endurance Saddles.  Made for the miles you put on the trails.
We also carry traditional Saddles and Tack designed specifically for Draft horses.  We have Western, English, and Australian saddles with 8,9,&10 inch gullets.  These are custom made, excellent quality saddles that are specifically designed to fit your draft, warm blood or draft cross. 


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Take a Look at our Treeless Draft Saddles!

Is your horse hard to fit, cinchy, sore backed, or hard to mount?
Here's the cure!
Experience the most comfortable ride for you & your horse.  Take a look at our Treeless Draft Saddles.

Regular $699
Sale Price $599
In stock and ready to ship.  If you ride a treeless you'll never go back.
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Price Reduced to $199.00
Click Picture for more info

DHC has BRAND NEW HARNESS SETS.  We are selling these at drastically reduced prices while they last.  You just won't find better harness for the money anywhere.  Click picture for details...