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Silver Concho & Hearts Bridle & Breast Collars

Beautiful Draft Sized Bridles & Breast Collars.  All draft size with Conchos or Silver hearts, extra long reins - and built for drafts up to about 2000 pounds.  Available in:  Black, Brown, Light Tan, or Cherry (silver heart or round chonchos).     Click for Ordering information

Bridles: $69.95 ea
Breast Collars:  $44.95 ea

Bridle Breast Collar Set:  $110.00
(10% discount when purchased with a saddle)

Black & Silver (Round Shaped Chonchos)

Black & Silver (Heart Shaped Chonchos)

Cherry & Silver (Round or Heart Shaped Chonchos)

Honey Tan & Silver (Round or Heart Shaped Chonchos)

Brown & Silver (Round or Heart Shaped Chonchos)


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