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Do you want your company's name in lights?  DHC is now accepting Draft Horse related Advertisers.  We keep the classifieds free with your help.   Let us help you get front page billing.  email for particulars.



Question:  How do I submit a classified Ad?
Answer:  Currently we are doing everything by email.  This gives us the opportunity to personally handle each ad and make sure we have as much information as possible to get the horse sold.
Question:  What if I don't have digital pictures, just normal photographs?
Answer:  You can submit a text ad and hope that does the job or send DHC the actual photographs and we'll get them scanned.  If you want your originals back please include a stamped, self-addressed return envelope with the pictures.
Question:  Does DHC charge a percentage of the selling price for successfully sold horses?
Answer:  DHC is currently not charging for ad listings and does not charge any other percentages.  We cannot continue to keep this service free forever but when we must charge, it will be a small classified listing fee not a percentage of the selling price.
Question:  How long will my ad run for?
Answer:  We will run your initial ad for 30 days.  If after that you have not sold the horse we will continue to run the ad re-evaluating every 30 days.  
Question:  What if my horse sells before the ad expires?
Answer:  Email DHC with the ad number and the fact that it's sold and we'll remove your ad from the page.


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