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PMU Draft Mares in Trouble! Please Help!

Premarin (including Prempro, Premphase, Prempac, and Premelle) is a drug made up of conjugated estrogens obtained from the urine of pregnant mares -- put out in many forms (pills, creams, injections, patches, vaginal rings) and is used to reduce the symptoms of menopause in women or women who have had a hysterectomy. It is also prescribed to nearly eliminate the risk of osteoporosis (the brittling of bones) and reduce the chance of heart disease in women over 50. 

Good News / Bad News. The good news is that the drug company that makes Premarin has shut down some of their Pregnant Mare Urine (PMU) farms. There are still many farms in business, but due to modern research that finds Premarin not healthy for women to take, the demand for it is going down. This is good news. That means that less PMU foals will be born and thus less going to slaughter. There is still a lot of work to do and more farms producing too many foals.
Meanwhile, the farms that just closed down have many pregnant mares to get rid of.  We are wanting to help grade (unregistered) mares as they are the most at risk.
If you are interested in adopting one of these mares,  Please contact one of  more of the organizations listed below for up to date information.  We will try to list as many as possible here on DHC but keep in mind that this is a nationwide problem and there are many many more than we're able to list that need help.

Rescue Organizations

Chino Valley, Arizona - draft horse rescue ranch.
United in Light, Inc.
Care of Deborah Derr, D.C.
4005 W. Pheasant Pl.
Chino Valley, AZ 86323

Arizona - 928 636 8469
California - 805-427-0084
In a 1997 summer survey Equuis representatives catalogued that Draft and Draft breeds were the second highest (out of 16) breed of horse to be slaughtered. "United in Light" wants to change that.
Mobile, AL - Drafts & Draft Cross Foals! Foal Train, an Alabama-based PMU organization, is placing quality foals at great prices! Go to for photos of registered and grade Percherons, grade Belgians, and Drafts crossed with Paints, Morgans, & Thoroughbreds. Most are $600 & shipping under $350. Foals available from May to August 2004 and shipped in Sept/Oct.  (334) 667-6894 Visit  

Sue-Ellen Brown, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist

Tuskegee University

School of Veterinary Medicine
Center for the Study of Human-Animal Interdependent Relationships
W: (334) 727-8082

H: (334) 667-6894
Visit Our AOL Homepage at;
Approximately 60 Draft Mares in foal And Draft Cross Foals ALL COLORS and TYPES. At risk of going to slaughter from the PMU ranches in Canada available for Adoption. All are 900.00-1700.00 Total This includes transport to a holding facility in NH VA or KY. VERY NICE DRESSAGE HUNT And JUMP prospects. Help us save these horses. Go To for more information or E-Mail
Cherokee Springs Equestrian Center is willing to help provide a home for unwanted horses in the Western States. Beautiful stables, pastures and training areas with unlimited love and care!  Please contact Rory or Kimberlee 435-616-8464. Pick up can also be aranged.
will adopt any draft or cross mares must be breedable and reasonably priced. minimum of a trailer load.
R&R Horse Rescue - a Non-Profit Central Florida Based Horse Farm on 20 beautiful pastured acres.  Willing to take horses, age and breed are not important.  We will give them a chance to love, food, and a place to call HOME.  Please call Jamie or Steve Roosevelt at 352-669-5081
I would like to take this opportunity to Introduce Restoration Valley Horse Rescue. We are privately funded and have several openings for rescue horses. Those that are trainable and able will be trained and used as lead horses to expose children that do not have the opportunity to experience a horse ride or even petting a horse. We are working with several programs where these great animals can be used to assist problem and emotionally disturbed teens in a supervised setting where they can care for the horses and establish a sense of being needed. This type of therapy is wonderful for the horses and the children as well. If the horses are sound enough to be ridden then we can use these as well to introduce economically disadvantaged youth to pleasure and trail riding.  If anyone has a horse to donate or knows or someone please have them contact me at:
We have a 4H group that is interested in rescuing or adopting a draft horse for our 4-h program in Long Beach California. We would hope that he or she would be rideable for small and young children. We do have some money for transporting the animal to long beach.  If anyone is has information that might help please email MICHAEL MCGLOTHAN  @
NORTH FLORIDA - Santa Fe River Clydesdales, Protecting and Preserving the Draft Breed -
 Private Rescue
United Pegasus Foundation, email or call them at 626-279-1306
Hooved Animal Humane Society of AZ Inc.
23010 N 185th Ave
Surprise, AZ 85387
Cynthia Voss




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