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Our saddles are specifically engineered for the wide flat back of the draft horse breeds. Our western draft saddles have a special draft horse tree with a full 10" gullet (optional 8" & 9" also available) and are cut extra large to look correct on larger horses. Please note that we only keep a few western saddles in stock - Most are custom made to order as you are able to  choose seat size (up to 22"), features (cantle height, padded seat, etc), and color. Prices listed are for up to a 17" seat - Seat sizes larger than 17" are 25.00 per inch additional. It will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to have your custom saddle built.
Our Draft horse English saddles are made by Ascot International - a well known supplier of saddles to the European market for over 40 years. These saddles are made of high quality leather and have a custom engineered draft horse tree with full 10" gullet. We also have these saddles in small draft (haflinger) size with 8" gullet. They are available in all purpose riding saddle, dressage, and soon in endurance models. These saddles come with leathers and irons with rubber pads.
Our Draft Horse Australian saddles are made by Sydney Saddleworks. They have a specially engineered draft horse tree
with a full 10" gullet and they are very wide and flat through the pommel. We also have these saddles in small draft (haflinger) size with 8" gullet. They are available in seat sizes 17", 18", 19", and 20". Please note that Australian saddles measures 2" larger than the equivalent western saddle seat - an 18" Australian saddle is equivalent in size to a 16" western saddle. They are made of superior quality soft leather and they have solid brass hardware. They come with overgirth, fenders, and stirrups. We have custom made cinches available for these Australian saddles.



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