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***  PROGRAMMING NOTE - PLEASE READ FIRST!  We have many new and exciting treeless saddle designs and models that are being added to the website.  Please bear with us as we get this page updated.  For specific information and details, please call the order number listed above.  Thank you!

Why A Treeless Saddle

Welcome to a new riding experience. Never before have we been able to offer a saddle that gives the rider as much security, balance, comfort, feel, and contact with the horse, as with our treeless saddles.  Our saddle makers have tackled the problems of treed saddles and have designed a Draft Horse Saddle that is the most comfortable, best balanced, and best fitting saddle you'll find anywhere.  Our treeless saddles keep you secure like never before, balanced, and in tune with the horse.  It's an experience you won't want to miss.
When you ride a DHC Treeless saddle you'll find your riding experience much more pleasant, your horse calmer and relaxed, and will undoubtedly move with bigger gaits and more freedom.
Treeless saddle's have historically been extremely expensive, most starting around $1,700 and going up.  DHC has broken that barrier and is offering a superior product at about the same price as a treed saddle.  Do not be miss-lead by our pricing. Our draft saddle was designed to be the best balanced, most comfortable, and most technically advanced Treeless Draft Saddle on the market at any price.  We want everyone to be able to experience a treeless ride.
A DHC Treeless Saddle will fit more body types than any treed saddle I've seen.  Because the pommel moves independently of the cantle the horse is able to bend freely as needed.  When cinched down the tree angle automatically conforms to the horses shape.

We have a good selection of Treeless saddles in stock but if not in stock, we'll custom make your saddle to order in 4-6 weeks (no extra charge).  Feel free to customize the color, texture, gullet width, and tooling. Click for Ordering information  & SATISFACTION GUARANTEE   (Also available in regular horse sizes)

DHC treeless saddles come in full draft gullets.

Our Treeless Saddle Page Is Being Updated.  Please Call for Specific Information

Email or Call 503-946-3296 for specific information and to purchase

Shipping on all western saddles is $45.00 in the lower 48 states USA. Worldwide shipping available - please call for rates. All saddles available in any color and with or w/o horn. Prices are for 15" to 17" - add 25.00 per inch up to 22" seat

See Our Satisfaction Gurantee


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