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Do you want your company's name in lights?  DHC is now accepting Draft Horse related Advertisers.  We keep the classifieds free with your help.   Let us help you get front page billing.  email for particulars.




  1. Find a piece of wire that bends easily, but still holds it shape. A metal coat hanger or soldering wire is good to use.  

  2. Place the wire over the withers, as indicated in the picture below. Adjust the wire on both sides until it perfectly matches the shape of your horses wither. Gently remove the wire and lay it on a 8 1/2" X 11" sheet of plain white paper and trace the outside line of the wire to make a drawing.  Make sure that you get the top of the withers on the tracing and as much of the sides as possible.  It should not be necessary to use more than one sheet of paper.  

  3. Before you fax your Tracing make sure that you write the below information somewhere on your tracing:

    • Your Name & Phone Number

    • Breed of Horse your fitting

    • Approx Height & Weight of Your Horse

    • Your email address

    Fax your tracing to (503) 802-9777.  We then make a template from your tracing and fit it to the correct saddle tree.

It's As Simple As That, Good Luck


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